• Know About Dalyan

Know About Dalyan
Dalyan is a resort town of Ortaca in the province of Mugla. It is located between Fethiye and Marmaris, right next to the channel connecting the Köyceğiz Lake and the Mediterranean Sea. The most important places to know about Dalyan, an old fishing town, are the ancient city of Kaunos, the Iztuzu beach, the Sülüngür lake, the Ekincik bay, the Sultaniye hot springs and round tea. They are quite crowded in the summer.
Dalyan Canal
Dalyan channel connects Köyceğiz Lake and the Mediterranean Sea. Lake Köyceğiz was one of the coves of the Mediterranean in ancient times. When the Dalaman River covered the lake with alluvium carried by the sweet sea. The lake is filled with fresh water and has become the natural lake. The completed lake is connected to the sea through the Dalyan channel. The Dalyan channel, which is 50 meters in width, separates the neighborhood of Dalyan, which belongs to the Çandır neighborhood in Köyceğiz and Dalyan. In addition, the area which is very close to the channel is also protected as a protected area.
Things to Do in Dalyan
You can take a boat tour to see the natural beauty around Dalyan or make safari with open-top jeeps. If you want to explore the surroundings more closely, you can stroll on the beach with the promenade. Although Dalyan is a small town, there are many historical ruins and beaches to be seen.
Kaunos Ancient City
The most important historical building you can visit in the town is the ancient city of Kaunos. The ancient city of Kaunos, which is located on the other side of the coast according to the Dalyan canal, was a port city in ancient times. The port was filled with alluviums over time and lost this property. When malaria developed, the Kauonos left the city and settled in another place. The most important traces of the history of the city are the rock-cut tombs with a temple front facing the town. You can also see the Roman baths and the acropolis. You can easily reach the ancient city of Kauonos by boat.
Iztuzu Beach
One of the most important places to visit in Dalyan is the Iztuzu beach. Iztuzu, which is the rare beach in the world, has been chosen as the "best open area in Europe" by the Times newspaper. 5 km of sand separating the sea from the coast was protected because it was an egg drop area of ​​caretta. If you want to see sea turtles in Dalyan delta, you should come to Iztuzu beach in June and July. Iztuzu beach, which is 12 km away from Dalyan, is ideal for swimming. The area in which the turtles are protected is separated from each other safely. As the sea is shallow, it can be preferred by families with children. You can also visit Ekincik Cave through the sea.
Sultaniye Thermal Springs
When you come to Dalyan, you can prefer the mud bath which is very popular by local and foreign tourists. Located 4 km away from Dalyan, Sultaniye Thermal Springs also provides healing with thermal waters as well as mud baths. The thermal waters and mud baths in Ilica are said to rejuvenate human beings for 10 years in terms of radioactive compounds.
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